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Human Multiple Cortical Areas SMART-seq

This data set includes single-nucleus transcriptomes from 49,495 nuclei across multiple human cortical areas. Individual layers of cortex were dissected from tissues covering the middle temporal gyrus (MTG), anterior cingulate cortex (ACC; also known as the ventral division of medial prefrontal cortex, A24), primary visual cortex (V1C), primary motor cortex (M1C), primary somatosensory cortex (S1C) and primary auditory cortex (A1C) derived from human brain. Nuclei were dissociated and sorted using the neuronal marker NeuN. Nuclei were sampled from post-mortem and neurosurgical (MTG only) donor brains and expression was profiled with SMART-Seq v4 RNA-sequencing.


File Size Type Description
Readme 12 KB .txt
Read-me file with additional information about the other files in this directory.
Table of cell metadata 13 MB .csv
Metadata about cells. Each entry has an _order, _label, and _color column.
Gene expression matrix 5.0 GB .csv
Gene expression matrices provided as a csv.
Exon and intron counts are stored separately. 
See "readme.txt" for data access instructions.
Taxonomy of cell types 280 KB .json
Serialized cell type hierarchy with all node information embedded.
Taxonomy information 1 KB .txt
Metadata about the taxonomy.
Gene Expression by Cluster, trimmed means 32 MB .csv
Gene expression aggregated per cell type, calculated as trimmed means.
Gene Expression by Cluster, medians 28 MB .csv Gene expression aggregated per cell type, calculated as medians.
2D coordinates 2.1 MB .csv
TSNE coordinates for each cell, as shown in the Transcriptomics Explorer.
Sample ID mapping 260 KB .csv Maps new sample ids (in metadata above) to sample ids released in October 2019


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