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Multimodal Characterization of Individual Neurons

Neurons in mouse primary visual cortex

The majority of cells in this dataset are GABAergic interneurons from the primary visual cortex (VISp). These data facilitate characterization of the morphological and/or intrinsic electrophysiological properties of neurons belonging to a given transcriptomically-defined type of GABAergic interneuron. These data also enable one to examine the degree to which distinct transcriptomically-defined types of GABAergic interneurons exhibit morphological and/or intrinsic electrophysiological differences.

The dataset also includes a small number of glutamatergic neurons from layer 2/3 of the mouse VISp. These data also facilitate comparison with L2/3 pyramidal neurons from human cortex; see below.

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Glutamatergic neuron types in layer 2 and layer 3 of the human cortex

We characterized the morphological and physiological properties of five transcriptomically-defined human glutamatergic supragranular neuron types. Three of these types have properties that are specialized as compared to the more homogeneous properties of transcriptomically defined homologous mouse neuron types. The two remaining supragranular neuron types, located exclusively in deep layer 3, do not have clear mouse homologues in supragranular cortex but are transcriptionally most similar to deep layer mouse intratelencephalic-projecting neuron types.

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