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Button Component

Button Styles

The button component comes is several styles and colors. The available styles are primary, secondary, compact, and small link.



Creating Buttons via Component



When available you can add the ButtonLinkComponent using the structure view. The dialogue provides several fields allowing you to point to a url, give the button some text, color, and a style.


Field About Input
Label This is the button text string
Url When clicked the button will navigate to this url URL
Color The button color as seen above Blue, Green, Yellow, Black
Style The button style as seen above Primary, Secondary, Compact, Small Link




Creating Buttons via text editor



When using the CK Editor (built in text editor) you have the option of turning links into buttons through the use of the hyperlink function and the styles dropdown.

  1. When inside the text editor click the hyperlink button

  2. Enter your display text and url, then hit enter

  3. Click the styles dropdown and scroll down to the button style you'd like to use

  4. Done!