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Image Block

Image Block

Image blocks are used to show an image with a title and a related block of text. An image can be added from a file on your computer by dragging an image file into the image field or by clicking "Choose file" and searching for an image in the directory.



Field Type Usage
Title Text The main title of the Image Block above the text
Text Text Paragraph styled text
Image Image Choosen image selected by "Choose File" button or by drag and drop
Image LInk URL URL Navigate to this url when clicked




Electrophysiology is the study of the electrical properties of biological cells and tissues. It involves measurements of voltage changes or electric current or manipulations on a wide variety of scales from single ion channel proteins to whole organs like the heart. In neuroscience, it includes measurements of the electrical activity of neurons, and, in particular, action potential activity. Recordings of large-scale electric signals from the nervous system, such as electroencephalography, may also be referred to as electrophysiological recordings. They are useful for electrodiagnosis and monitoring.