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Layout Guidelines and How to


Within the CMS we have a myriad of different layout types, each type has a small set of components that can be used within a given placeholder on a page. This section goes over what a placeholder is, what layouts are available, and how to properly use them.

The Structure View and Placeholders

Structure view

The structure view can only be viewed when logged in, assuming you are, you'll see the strucuture view button in the top right of your browser. The structure view displays the placeholders available to insert content into, you can reorder components here, change the way they're nested, copy, remove, or just add contnent to a new page.


Placeholders (highlighted with red boxes) are content areas within a page's template. These represent spaces in which you can drop content in the form of components such as text boxes, image blocks, and application tiles. Additionally each placeholder is limited to a set of components, this changes based on the template selected in order to create consistent styling within pages/templates of a given type. As an example the Resource List template can add text blocks, image blocks, and data tables, but not group blocks.



Explore Topic

Explore topics are top level content pages that cover a single topic such as Transcriptomics or Cell Taxonomies. The other templates (Resource list, generic narrative, etc.) are used as sub pages to a particular topic. Top level Explore topics use the interior hero rather than the full hero.


Available Plugins:


Resource List Template

The resource list template is intended as a child of an existing explore topic. It contains two placeholders, one for a general explanation of the included data, and another for the data itself. When using the Resource List template it's usually a good idea to use the interior hero rather than the full hero banner.


Available Plugins:



Data Release

The Data Release template is a one off which is used only for the Data Release page (so far). This template skips using a hero and has only two plugins available to it.


Available Plugins:

Generic Narrative

The Generic narrative template is used for longer form content such as descriptions of research data. This template is one of the less restrictive types and should be used only where other templates won't do.


Available Plugins: