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Brain Knowledge Platform

With funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and technology from Amazon Web Services (AWS), the Allen Institute is leading an effort to build the Brain Knowledge Platform (BKP) – soon to be the largest open-source database of brain cell data in the world. The BKP will host the ABC Atlas including single-cell resolution neuroscience datasets from collaborative teams worldwide. It will be the first of its kind to compile and standardize massive datasets on the structure and function of mammalian brains.

The ultimate goal of the BKP is to enable better diagnosis and treatment of the mental and neurological disorders and diseases.

Allen Brain Cell (ABC) Atlas

The Allen Brain Cell (ABC) Atlas provides a platform for visualizing multimodal single cell data across the mammalian brain and aims to empower researchers to explore and analyze multiple whole-brain datasets simultaneously. This open science resource, developed by the Allen Institute as part of the Brain Knowledge Platform, allows unprecedented insights into the enormous diversity of cell types in the brain and where they are. 

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MapMyCells transforms cell types from a concept in publications to a tool for public research. Scientists worldwide can discover what cell types their transcriptomics and spatial data corresponds with by comparing their data to massive, high-quality reference datasets, including the Allen Institute’s whole mouse brain multi-omics atlas, which was developed as part of the NIH’s Brain Initiative Cell Census Network and is available in Allen Brain Cell Atlas.

One key advantage to MapMyCells is scale: using our cloud-based Brain Knowledge Platform and reference datasets with millions of cells, users can provide up to 327 million cell-gene pairs from their own data, which is a huge leap forward for working with whole-brain datasets. 

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Cell Type Knowledge Explorer

The Cell Type Knowledge Explorer aggregates and summarizes multi-modal information about human, marmoset, and mouse cell types. Initial data and taxonomies focused on the primary motor cortex, as part of the BRAIN Initiative Cell Census Network (BICCN) and described in detail in the BICCN flagship publication. High-throughput, single-cell transcriptomic, and epigenomic profiling demonstrate broad conservation of molecular cell type identities across these three species. 

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Data Catalog

Neuroscience data is vast and varied. Our Data Catalog provides a public index of neuroscience data and tools from the Allen Institute for Brain Science and massive public consortia like the NIH's BRAIN Initiative Cell Census Network, NIH's BRAIN Initiative Cell Atlas Network, and NIA's Seattle Alzheimer's Disease Brain Cell Atlas.

New data are added regularly, including a steady stream of experimental results, often stored at archives like NeMO, DaNDI, and BIL, as well as more curated datasets and analyses related to scientific publications.

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