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Synaptic Physiology

The Allen Institute for Brain Science aims to further our understanding of neuronal cell types by describing the patterns of connectivity among them and characterizing their synaptic signaling. The Synaptic Physiology project advances this goal by examining the intralaminar connectivity between neuronal subclasses? in human and mouse cortex via in vitro electrophysiology.  This dataset is readily accessible and produced using standardized experimental methods and analysis. The applications of the dataset are wide-ranging, as the data are suited to parameterize synaptic modeling studies, address higher-order connectivity questions, and inform current comprehension of the cortical microcircuit.


synaptic connectivity

strength & kinetics short-term plasticity
Measurements of connection probability between cortical cell subclasses and the relationship to intersomatic distance. more... Synaptic strength, latency, and rise/decay kinetics derived from current and voltage clamp recordings. more...

Short-term plasticity induced by stimulus trains with varying spike timing. more...




How to use the Synaptic Physiology Dataset

Explore the interplay of features such as synaptic strength, facilitation, depression, and more via online Jupyter notebooks or interactive desktop tools. Alternatively, access the data directly via our Python API.

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Connectivity among cell subclasses was investigated via multiple-patchclamp electrophysiology in human and mouse cortical slices. Transgenic mice enabled two cell subclass populations to be visualized in a single slice and to target connections among them.

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Connections between recorded neuron pairs were identified and properties such as strength, kinetics, and short-term plasticity were characterized to identify how synaptic properties vary among different cell classes. 

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